Eden Wind Farm, located on John's Island, SC., is an AQHA  4aHorse Breeder.
My 5 broodmares are HUS, WP Superiors, Point earners or AQHA
Show  All - Around Circuit Champions. They have been bred to the
top  AQHA and APHA Stallions. This produces offspring with modern looks,
beautiful movements, and gentle minds. They are quiet, eager to please
and ahead of the curve when it comes to training.  All of the horses I raise
are AQHA Incentive Fund or Breeders Trust nominated.  
This allows us to build the best foundation for the future appreciation
of any horse you purchase from my farm. Our finished horses are reasonably
priced between $6500 and $10,000.  They are all familiar with a round pen
and trained for Halter Classes.  So whether you are interested in showing, trail riding
or just ready to meet your lifelong equine companion, our horses are willing partners
ready to carry you wherever it is you want to go. We offer mare care and foaling services
as well as Full Board with 24/7 access to your horse.

3038 Edenvale Rd.
Johns Island, SC 29455