Mr Tailwind
      Wind Chime
    Artful Move
  Flying Warship T(B)
      Buzz Fly (TB)
        Buszel (TB)
  Artful Investment
    The Invester
      The Big Investment
        The Country Girl
    January Investment
  Skip Powder
  Sheza Powder
Authentic Chipart
      Pawnee Roan
    Zippo Pat Bars
      Zippo Pine Bar
    Zips Chocolate Chip
  Dollie Pine
        Custus Jaguar
      Fancy Blue Chip
  Must Be Chocolate
    Irene 3
        Lord Rebeau (TB)
      Bud's Finest
    Fleet Supply
  Jody T. (TB)
        Fleet Policy (TB)
      Supply Policy
        Moderate Supply (TB)