Adult Riding Lessons
Need help with, WP, Trail, or Equitation?   If you don't have the skill level to
Trail Ride alone, then why not
TAKE A LESSON. After several lessons you could gain the
confidence to trail ride on your own and the next time you ride you will be a better rider.
Register to set up your date and time. $100 for a 1 hour private lesson.
Rider weight limit is 200lbs.

Trail Riding For Advanced Riders


If you own a horse, are a member of AQHA, APHA, or USEF  
or have taken lessons for years with the riding experience to be able to Tack your own
horse, plus demonstrate a Walk - Trot - Canter in the ring then you could qualify for this.

Please be honest about your skill level.  
You must be able to tack your own horse.  We will not let you trail ride if you can not
demonstrate how to control your horse, it will be a lesson from that moment on.
With proper skills, we will give you a map
then allow you to ride on your own, self-guided on the trails or in our riding ring.
Jeans suggested, Boots or Flat soled shoes required. Helmet provided.
Trail Ride Cost: $100 for up to 2 hours riding time.   
Available on most Weekends on Sundays after Lessons
Click on Register to make a reservation 843-729-2211
Bucket List Lesson Adventure
Designed for 2 adults to ride together in the ring for 1 hour with the instructor.
Especially for those who have little horse experience and want to cross off
"Ride a Horse" from your Bucket  List.  Our horseback riding lesson experience gives
you the opportunity to learn how to be safe around horses without fear, and provides
an introduction to how to ride a horse anywhere while you are on vacation.
You must have the physical ability to swing your leg up and over the
Western saddle to mount and dismount.
Rider weight limit is 200lbs.

Cost is $100 per person for starting times may vary.
Trailer your horse in to Ride our Trails  
for $25 per horse