Trail Riding For Advanced Riders
If you own a horse and are here visiting, or have taken lessons for years or have previous
riding experience to the ability of being able to Tack your own horse, Walk - Trot - Canter in
the ring then you could qualify for this. Please be honest about your skill level.  
You must be able to tack your own horse.  We will not let you trail ride if you can't,
it will be a lesson from that moment on. With proper skills, we will give you a map
then allow you to ride on your own either self-guided on the trails or in our riding ring.
Jeans suggested, Boots or Flat soled shoes required. Helmet provided.
Trail Ride Cost: $85 for up to 2 hours riding time.   
Available on most Weekends on Sat. or Sundays after Lessons
Click on Register to make a reservation 843-729-2211
If you don't have the skill level to Trail Ride alone, then why not TAKE A LESSON so the
next time you ride you will be a better rider.  Lessons are $85 for 1 hour private lesson.
Register to set up your date and time.
Rider weight limit is 200lbs.

Trailer your horse in to Ride our Trails  
for $20 per horse.

Horse Adventures For Kids

The goal of Eden Wind’s Horse Adventures is the introduction of horse and farm life to children.
It is more than just a Horseback Ride. Many “horse crazed” children want parents to buy them a
horse. Our horse experience gives a boy or girl the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities
of horse care, how to keep a horse, be safe around horses, and life on a farm.
It also provides an introduction to how to ride and handle horses.
Nearly every day we hear about a child who wants their parents to buy them a horse. But the
child does not know about all of the work and responsibility that goes along with owning a horse.
Lots of young people (adults too!) dream of owning a horse so some basic knowledge
and skills beforehand would give them realistic expectations of all that is involved.

Our farm can give kids a great opportunity that goes beyond a horseback ride.
Learning horsemanship and horse care leads to responsible ownership of pets while
building character traits such as compassion, respect and teamwork. We are very
proud of the positive supportive environment we have at Eden Wind Farm.

Horse Buddy Adventures

All horse lovers, ages 5 to 15 are welcome. No prior horse experience is
necessary. Horse Buddy activities include: Horse Grooming, Horse Care instruction,
Feeding Horses, Tack Instruction, Horse Shoe or T-Shirt activity  Horseback riding lesson or a
Guided Lead line horseback ride.

Cost:   $85.00 Per child, Cash or Check
The next Horse Buddy has not been scheduled yet. Please send in your form
with the 8 am Sunday date you want and we will contact you.

Families with kids of various ages may participate together.
Holiday dates may be scheduled to accommodate kids who are out of school.
We can also do this as a
Small Group Birthday Party, maximum 8 children.
Call Denise 843-729-2211 to schedule your group.

Professional Staff:
Board Certified Teacher with horse ownership experience will be on
hand to insure that your child has a safe and rewarding experience at Horse Adventures.

Clothing: We suggest kids wear boots with heels and long pants for riding if possible.
If you have a helmet, please bring it. We do have helmets available to borrow.
They may wear may wear shorts and tennis shoes since some kids are here on vacation.
Other optional items to bring: Sunscreen, hat, water or snacks. We have carrots.
Click Register to sign up for Horse Buddy Adventure              
Bucket List Adventure
Designed for 2 adults to ride together in the ring for 1 hour with the instructor.
Especially for those who have little horse experience and want to cross off
"Ride a Horse" from your Bucket  List.  Our horseback riding lesson experience gives
you the opportunity to learn how to be safe around horses without fear, and provides
an introduction to how to ride a horse anywhere while you are on vacation.
You must have the physical ability to swing your leg up and over the
Western saddle to mount and dismount.
Rider weight limit is 200lbs.

Cost is $85 per person for starting times may vary.